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The Flower Council of Holland launched their My Favourite Flower campaign with the biggest bouquet in Britain.  The enormous bouquet was made at Potters Fields in front of London’s Tower Bridge.  The Flower council tweeted that people could come and take a bunch of their favourite flowers away.

Passers-by were encouraged to give the flowers to give away to loved ones.  As research carried out by the Flower Council revealed that half of British adults have never been given flowers,  64% of men have never received flowers and 31% of women only receive their favourite flowers once a year.

The colossal bouquet stood 6 metres high and 5 metres wide, it took a team of 6 florists, 18 hours to construct.  It contained 12,000 stems of cut flowers, highlighting the UK’s top ten favourite flowers, rose, tulip, lily, orchid, freesia, calla, carnation, sunflower, delphinium and amaryllis.

My Favourite Flower camaign has a rather clever website where you can pick your favourite flowers and have the chance to win a bouquet of them.  It’s presented by more lovely boys like the ones here, who whizz round selecting the flowers you choose.   The campaign has been extended until the end of the month, so you still have some time to take part and win some flowers.



funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk – FlowerCouncil of Holland

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image credits at end of article

image credits at end of article

Todays wedding inspiration is based on happy and cheerful rainbow colours.  Apart from being a really fun colour scheme it can solve a few problems, if can’t decide on just one colour, have seven.  If your Bridesmaids can’t agree on which colour they all like and will wear, give them seven colours to choose from.  This is the perfect theme for anyone who feels restricted by traditional colour schemes of one or two colours.  If you are on a tight budget your bridesmaids don’t even need to have matching dresses for this theme, as long as they pick dresses in rainbow colours.


For flowers there are a couple of options to suit rainbow schemes.  Firstly you could have a different colour bouquet for each bridesmaid to tone with their dress.  Or you could have all the bouquets the same, just pick flowers in various shades of the rainbow.  To make the second option effective, I would have compact hand tied bouquets using flowers like roses, dahlias and gerberas to give blocks of colour.  Small delicate flowers won’t have much impact in this colour scheme.  Alternatively for outdoor weddings your maids could carry brightly coloured parasols instead of a bouquet to match their dress.  To carry the theme through for the gents, the men could all wear a different colour tie or cravat in a rainbow colour with matching buttonhole.

For venue flowers pick designs that are simple and modern to suit the rainbow theme.  Try a cluster of small glass vases on the tables with different colour arrangement in each vase.  There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate the rainbow theme on your reception tables.  Each place name could be in a different rainbow colour, you could give guests mini rainbow swirly lollipops as favours, or little bags of sweets in rainbow paper bags.  To keep kids entertained give them packs with colouring books and rainbow crayons.

image: whisk-kid.com

image: whisk-kid.com

This fabulous cake is probably more suited to a small wedding party as it would be a nightmare to cut into lots of pieces.  But I love the idea of it appearing to be a simple white cake and then revealed as an amazing multi-coloured masterpiece.  A simple cake iced in white would look stunning dressed with fresh flowers in rainbow colours, or you could have a white cake iced with tiny rainbow polka dots.   If you want full on rainbow for your cake, cupcakes might be a better option with rainbow buttercream topping.

Rainbow mood board images:

Rainbow lollipops – 3 bears one stop gift shop, notonthehighstreet.com

Parasols - greenweddingshoes.com by Christian Cruz

Bridesmaid dresses – indie bliss

Rainbow macarons - Steph Goralnick populagram

Invite – lovelooksend.com

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