June 2009

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Summer wedding flowers

lilac summer arrangement

The summer months are abundant with fresh flowers and the best time of year for English grown flowers too.  It’s an especially good time for all shades of pinks and purples, it brings beautiful peonies from whites and pale pinks through to deep burgundies.  Hydrangeas with gorgeous fat heads in many colours.  Delphiniums, sweet peas, dahlias, cornflowers, scabious, asters, sweet william, snap dragons, stocks, astilbe, lilac.  The list of summer flowers is never ending.  During a season with so much natural light there are no limitations to colour schemes either.  Country garden themes work as well as crisp whites and greens or a more tropical look of hot pinks, limes and oranges.

cerise summer bouquet orange summer bouquet

Autumn wedding flowers

Several summer flowers continue into early autumn.  Although autumn itself provides many wonderful colours from rich reds to burnt oranges and golden shades.  With the wealth of wonderful leaves and berries available at this time many brides choose to go for a natural look.  Using bark, twigs, leaves and decorative gourds as accents in floral arrangements of rich shades such as oranges, reds and golds.  The chrysanthe comes into it’s own during autumn with various large single blooms in warm shades of bronze and gold.  English chrysanthemum blooms are available too in autumn.  For brides preferring a contemporary autumn look there are many exotic looking flowers to keep the look modern.  Such as Birds of paradise, pincushion proteas and mango calla lilies.

autumn tree arrangement

The next blog blog continues with the perfect flowers for a winter wedding.  As well as tips on how your venue could help determine your colour scheme.

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spring bridal bouquet

Flowers that are in season are generally the best quality and price, as they are abundant in their natural season.  They are also greener. Although some flowers can be sourced out of season if you have your heart set on a particular flower, expect to pay a premium for those flowers.  As they are often grown abroad and are shipped in especially. Sometimes suppliers also require a minimum number is ordered for special orders.  For example, it might not be feasible to use tulips in only one arrangement during the summer months.  There are of course a lot of popular wedding flowers available all year round such as roses, lilies and gerbera.

Flowers that have a short season seem even more precious, because of the short time they are available for.  Couples that choose seasonal flowers will also have the added joy of seeing their wedding flowers blooming in gardens around the time of their anniversary every year.

Spring wedding flowers

laburnum arch

When you think of spring, you might think of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.  Bulb flowers are synomonous with spring.  Such as anemones, lily of the valley, narcissi and rannunculus.  Tulips alone are available in hundreds of colours from soft pinks and creams to deep reds and rich purples.   There are plenty of colours to choose from in spring, whether you want pretty pastels or vibrant clashing tulips.  Although bright shades are always a tonic when the weather is unpredictable in early spring and can help to bring the sunshine inside. Scented flowers are plentiful at this time of year, Hyacinths, lily of the valley and narcissi all have fabulous sweet scents.  Late spring brides are also treated to fabulous blossom on fruit trees, wisteria and laburnum.


The above photographs were taken at Bodnant Garden in Wales, their famous laburnum arch is in bloom from late May to early June.

Next time I’ll continue our colour blogs looking at the best flowers available for Summer and Autumn weddings

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colour palette

This week I’ll  be doing a series of special blogs on colour to help you choose the perfect colour scheme for your wedding day.  If you have any questions throughout the series please leave a comment and I will try and answer them.

The colours for a wedding are one of the first decisions a couple will make that affects the whole look and feel of their wedding day.  So it understandably is an important decision and shouldn’t be rushed into.  Take time to think about the how you want your wedding to feel and the mood you want to create.  Below is a short guide to the moods different colours can create.

Red is the warmest and most energetic colour it can help make a winter wedding feel warm, inviting and romantic.

Orange stimulates and warms, it also evokes excitement matched with darker earthy tones.

Yellow represents sunshine, happiness and joy it is perfect for a spring wedding to bring the sun inside

Green has a calming and relaxing influence, it gives a very simple yet sophisticated look mixed with whites.

Blue is peaceful and tranquil, pale blues mixed with silver and whites give an icy cool feeling.

Purple, the colour of royalty, luxurious and opulent.  It can look very rich and dramatic mixed with deep reds in autumnal weddings.

Pink is a tranquil and romantic colour, often used in shades from pale blush pink to deep cerise in summer weddings for a country garden feel.

The next blog in this series will look at what flowers are in available at the different times of year and which colours are best suited to the seasons.

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