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Flower of the week


Common name:  windflowers

Botanical Names: Anemone

Origin: East Mediterranean and Asia Minor

Colours: striking red, blue, cerise, burgundy and white with mainly black centres

Pronounced a-nem-o-nee, the name comes from the Greek word “anemos”, which means wind. Growers have cultivated outsize Anemones in recent years, which are perfect for displaying in vases singly.  Although their vibrant colours look equally good arranged en masse.

The Anemone symbolized the death of Adonis in Greek Mythology.  It is said Aphrodite used the blood-red Anemone to preserve his memory. This is the origin of ‘Adonis gardens’, clay pots filled with Anemones.

Anemones are perennial herbs from the Ranunculaceae or buttercup family.  They are mainly available from September to May, and are now grown throughout Europe, They don’t like to be out of water and are quite thirsty drinkers when in a vase. Anemones continue to grow after being cut from the bulbs.

Their delicate, paper like blooms are exquisite in spring bouquets, in their pale shade of lillacy/white or vibrant blues and red.  They are also popular in winter bridal bouquets.


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We are a nation that loves our mothers. Thousands of us choose to thank our mums with pretty gifts of flowers or plants.  Mother’s Day is one of the busiest weeks of the year for florists and despite the economic uncertainties, this year was no different.  Florists reported a very busy weekend sending beautiful bouquets to mums all over the UK.

Weeks before most people have realised Mother’s Day is coming the florist’s preparations start.  Suppliers require the order for fresh flowers weeks before Mother’s Day, so this means predicting what customers will want and how much they are likely to buy normally weeks before customers place any orders.  In the week running up to Mother’s Day there are a few long days and late nights required to get all the flowers in water and organised, so they can be made into gorgeous gifts in time for Mother’s Day.

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Bouquets of spring flowers were very popular this year.  These pretty bouquets include things like hyacinths, tulips, ranunculus and British narcissi.  The hyacinths and narcissi make them smell gorgeous.   Giant vintage teacups were also popular this year over-flowing with spring flowers …..and there were happy mums all round.


Don’t forget a mother is for life, not just Mother’s Day.

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