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This dreamy rose is a soft white, with a touch of green on the outer petals.  It’s long stemmed and has a lovely large head, with up to 55 petals.  It has a strong stem and can last up to 2 weeks.  To top off a perfect white rose, it also has a delicious fragrance.


Maroussia is used in all types of floristry including gifts, events and funerals.  It is particularly popular for wedding flowers.  The floral cloth above was made by Robert Koene as part of designs for a church wedding. It consists of 250 maroussia roses and 800 stachys leaves.  Each petal was individually placed in the intricate design.


Robert Koene and his team used 7,500 roses to transform the church.  The theme was ‘tears of happiness’, the conical designs along the aisle symbolised teardrops.  White Naomi Roses and Feeling Dark Green Chrysanthemums were also used in the designs.


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rose bouquet

The bridal bouquet and bride’s maid’s flowers are usually quite time consuming to make, these are the types of designs that require all of florists experience and talent.  Every bridal bouquet is different and some take several hours to prepare and construct.  Wired teardrop bouquets for example consist of many small pieces including flowers, leaves, decorative wire or beads.  Every single flower and piece of foliage is painstakingly wired with different gauges of wire depending on the size and weight of the flower and then taped to seal in moisture.  The buttonholes are also time consuming as they are also wired and taped.  The afternoon before a wedding often turns into a very late day putting the finishing touches to designs and preparing toolboxes and props to take with us for assembling any designs that have to be put together on site at the church or wedding reception.

On the morning of the wedding it’s all hustle and bustle.  We check the itinerary for delivery times so we know where we have to be at specific points of the day.  The ribbon on the bride’s bouquet and bride’s maids bouquets are finished off once they have been taken out of water, and carefully packaged for transporting to the bride.  After a final check over all the other designs we are ready to pack up the van for delivering the flowers.  Packing the van can be a challenge itself, to get everything in safely and positioned so it won’t fall over or crush any other designs en route.  The bridal flowers are normally delivered to the bride one to two hours before the wedding.  I like to deliver the bride’s bouquet personally to ensure the bride is delighted with the flowers and advise her how to hold her bouquet.

After delivering the bridal flowers the next stop is the church or ceremony room.  Usually the men’s buttonholes are delivered to the ceremony.  We attach pew ends arrangements and position other arrangements like pedestal flowers or garlands.  We have to set up the ceremony flowers and leave before the guests arrive.  If the groom and ushers arrive early they usually need a little help attaching their buttonholes.  Next stop is the reception venue.

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