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Holly Valance tied the knot last week with English millionaire Nick Candy.  Their fairy tale wedding is said to have cost £3 million in total.  The couple celebrated with 300 friends and family including Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli, Elton John, Simon Cowell, Tracy Emin as well as royal guests Sarah Ferguson and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

The bride wore a £35,000 wedding dress made with fine silk, hand dyed with silver and grey detail, with a full skirt and revealing bodice.  It was made by Australian designers Jacob Juppino and Anthony Pittorino of J’Aton.  Holly has received some rather unflattering comments about her gown.  The Daily Mail said the bride wore a “Barbie-meets-Miss-Havisham frock with cascades of pigeon-coloured frou-frou about the hem.”

The telegraph were even more critical saying “This dress had more going on than a fortnight at Butlins – and about as much class” they  added the “rag-taggle skirt which looked like it had been concocted from endlessly layered lettuce leaves faithfully reproduced in singed white silk.”

Designers Juppino and Pittorino have said the dress was largely Holly’s design and that she wanted to create a modern day heirloom piece.  For me there are too many different aspects competing on the dress, and the grey edges unfortunately just make the dress look dirty.  What do you think about the dress?

I am obviously more interested in the flowers, although we can’t see many in the image Holly and Nick released.  The couple are said to have spent £60,000 on wedding flowers and from what I’ve seen they were beautiful.  Although they all appear very contemporary and don’t really tie-in with the style of the wedding dress.

Holly carried a simple hand tied bouquet of black calla lilies.  She walked down a petal strewn aisle and said her vows under a large canopy of twigs adorned with clusters of trailing amaranthus, black callas and purple orchids.  Guests said there were towers of cream coloured flowers dotted around as well.

I often find brides are so excited about their wedding, they see lots of things they love and they want them all, but you can’t mix a hundred and one things together and expect it to still look tasteful.  You need to consider what colours and textures will work together for the look you want to achieve.


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Green flowers may seem like an unusual choice for wedding flowers, but green can be a very beautiful and natural colour scheme.  There are plenty of green flowers to choose from whether you prefer soft sage green or bright lime green, you can even get acid green flowers.  Adding green flowers to a mixed colour design will ‘lift’ the other colours.

Counting down from number 10:

Green-Chrysanthemum10 – Feeling Green Spray Chrysanthemum
This is a spray type of chrysanth so it has several heads on a stem.  The flowers are very hardy so are good for designs that won’t be in water.  The uniform shape of these chrysanths looks great in compact designs like pomanders or spheres of flowers.
Green-Trick-Dianthus9 –  Green Trick Dianthus
These unusual looking flowers are a type of sweet william, from the carnation family.  You usually see them in small bunches of pinks and reds.  This fluffy flower is a spherical shape and looks a bit like moss.  It looks great mixed with a vibrant colour in modern textured bouquets or kept simple with white flowers and foliage.
Green-Hydrangea8 – Hydrangea
For summer weddings Hydrangea are the perfect flower.  The large blooms come in various shades of green from a soft pale colour to lime to and green with hints of pink.  Hydrangeas work well with a country garden theme or a more contemporary look.  They are also  lovely grouped together for bridal bouquets. Hydrangea may seem a little pricey but they are at least twice the size of most flowers and fill a lot of space in an arrangement.
Green-Chrysanthemum7 – Shamrock Chrysanthemum Bloom
This is the second chrysanth in my top ten list, but it looks so different to chrysanth spray I had to include it.  You would be forgiven for not regconising these flowers as Chrysanthemums.  Their spiky shape and vivd lime colour is a million miles away from the old fashioned chrysanth sprays supermarkets offer.  These blooms work best in large contemporary designs and look fabulous mixed with bright exotic flowers.
Green-Amaranthus6 – Amaranthus
This flower has beautiful flowing heads that look lovely anywhere flowers can naturally trail or hang down.  The edge of a mantelpiece arrangement, hanging from a garland at the church entrance or hanging from a bouquet.  It is a pretty alternative to ivy or grasses.
My top 5 green flowers will follow in tomorrows post.
Green Trick Dianthus –
Amaranthus –

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