Interplantatary Travel – A Flight of Fancy


The garden was created by Tatton Park’s gardening team, who have been creating gardens for Tatton Flower Show since it started 14 years ago.  The garden links with Tatton Park’s Art Biennial theme, Flights of Fancy.  It is inspired by Maurice Edgerton of Tatton, who was the last Baron of Tatton.  He was passionate about plants, exploring and aviation.


He collected plants from around the world which were used in the gardens around Tatton Park and he sent plants to other continents. The concept behind the garden is that he sent a rocket into space filled with plant seeds.  The rocket crash lands on a bleak planet and the seeds grew into plants that thrive.  All the plants used in the garden were part of his collection.


The garden is split into two sections divided by a moon gate.  In front of the gate the barren landscape only has a few silver and grey plants.  Through the gate all the plants from Tatton flourish in bright colours.


middle image – RHS by Andy Paradise

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