How to make a Lavender Heart


My love of pretty hand made things prompted me to make our first non floral handmade gifts.  They looked lovely nestled in bouquets and make a lovely scented gift.

To make a lavender heart you will need some vintage look fabric about 50cm x 50cm, dried lavender, narrow ribbon, stuffing and an old button from the bottom of your sewing box.  I prefer Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley fabric, but any good quality fabrics will do.  The fat quarter pieces a lot of craft suppliers sell on the internet will make one heart each.

The easiest way to draw a heart is to draw two semi circles side by side, using something like a china cup the appropriate size to draw around, then follow the outside ends down to meet at the point of the heart.  This will make your pattern for your heart.

heart pattern

Draw your pattern into your fabric ensuring you will fit two hearts on the fabric, for fabric with flowers or lines on, check which way up the pattern lies before you cut your hearts out.

Once you have cut out the heart shapes line them up, pattern side together and use a few pins to keep the pieces together while you sew them.  Leaving a good centimetre hem, sew them together using short stitches leaving a gap of about 3 inches on a long side so you can fill the heart easily.  Make little cuts around the hem so the fabric will stretch easier when turned out, be careful not to cut through your stitches.

Carefully turn the fabric the right way out and iron flat.  Fill with stuffing around the edges and then add your dried lavender to the centre, once you have put all your filling in and you are happy with the shape pin the last open edge together and finish with neat stitches.

Cut your ribbon to the desired length for hanging the heart.  Cross the ribbon over and position where you want the button to be, stitch onto the heart and then sew your button over the stitches on the ribbon.

Hang your heart and admire your handiwork. 


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  1. Thanks I’ll look forward to having a go very easy to follow intructions xx


  2. Thank you for the simple instructions.
    Your hearts look beautiful and Iwould be delighted to receive one.


  3. They look fantastic. I will look forward to making a few of these. They will make good little extra prezzies.


  4. Lovely ~ nice touch to keep after the flowers have faded ~ Thank you for the instructions ~ will have a go myself ~ but I admit to not being a very good sewer


  5. They look super – have made a couple this afternoon, but found that it’s easier to sew on the ribbon and button before you sew the two hearts together…


  6. I made a heart this afternoon whilst it was pouring with rain outside. Very easy as the instructions were good to follow. Haven’t got any stuffing so will do that later. I will dry some lavendar too – once it stops raining! I am going to make more with Laura Ashley material – yummie!!